Teater Bæst wishes to confront its audience with the many hidden and suppressed themes in the modern human being, as well as in the society where it resides.

“FLUGT is a site-specific sound and performance installation under development.”

Through FLUGT we explore the archetypal tale of personal escape.
Escape as a concept, escape as it is to cross national borders, or escape from itself.

“Experiences begin in the bus”

Since the summer holidays, passengers have been able to meet a number of cultural figures, such as the producer Eloq, 24-year-old Keith Lohse, and editor and activist Emma Holten on the digital commercials in many of Movia’s buses in the metropolitan area and in Roskilde, as well as on social media. The videos are part of Movia’s new culture initiative in collaboration with Soundvenue Media Center under the concept: Soundvenue guides you to the culture, Movia brings you to the culture.
The video here depicts a visit to Teater Baest.


Eja draws on her own experiences and personal research of the subject – because what are the similarities and the differences between her and a sex worker? What impact and consequences does the individual, in this instance the audience, have on the general shaming or acceptance of the whore in our society?


How can the thinking of Georges Bataille contribute in the post-factual, post-philosophical and post-erotic society? This question is asked by the performer Eja Due (DK) and the concert pianist Eriko Makimura (JP) in this performance where thought is invaded by pure sensing and existence, and only thus finds its possible answers.



“She is lying on the floor, writing. She is wearing a beautiful, creme-coloured shirt and a black pleated skirt. She is young, beautiful and thoughtful. What she is writing on the floor, is quotations from the french philosopher and author Georges Bataille. Prior to this the performer Eja Due has asked her audience, if they have read anything by Bataille. Since no-one answers, Eja begins telling about her relationship to his writing. She has been preoccupied with Bataille for many years and has read several of his works many times. She is accompanied by the pianist Eriko Makimura”


Mette Garfield, Theatre 1.