FLUGT is a site-specific sound and performance installation under development.
Through FLUGT we explore the archetypal tale of personal escape.
Escape as a concept, escape as it is to cross national borders, or escape from itself.


“I’m fucking indifferent to refugee crises and refugee policies – I am because I’m decoupled, that I do not have the opportunity to directly influence the society I should feel I am a part of.
That feeling in me generates a deep apathy.
And unfortunately I don’t think I’m the only one … Maybe it’s really what it is real crisis. The paralyzing apathy we feel in relation to all the major issues that exist in our society and the world we are a part of.
In reality, reality has become so unbearable that we have to escape from it, in order to could live with ourselves. “

Eja Due, artistic director of Teater BÆST.

Follow the development of FLUGT on our facebook page from spring 2019 onwards.
FLIGHT premiere in early August 2019, venue TBA.

Concept og performer: Eja Due
Sound concept, composer and performer: Tin Soheili
Sound consultant and technician: Janus Jensen
Installation artist and scenographer: Georg Jagunov
Director: Camilla Calundann
Dramaturg: Betina Rex
Producer: Sarah Sarina Rommedahl