How can the thinking of Georges Bataille contribute in the post-factual, post-philosophical and post-erotic society? This question is asked by the performer Eja Due (DK) and the concert pianist Eriko Makimura (JP) in this performance where thought is invaded by pure sensing and existence, and only thus finds its possible answers.

Through a series of performative concerts Eriko Makimura and Eja Due embraces Georges Batailles philosophical themes. They dive into his universe in collaboration with experts in eroticism, philosophy and Bataille.

The piano, the music, the performer and the titillating quotations of Georges Bataille are the pivot points in a performance, where senses and thought are unbreakably intertwined, where the interaction between Eja’s sensual approach to the works of Georges Bataille and Eriko’s fierce performative interpretations of classical music encourage the audience to explore his world further.

The performance played during Cph Stage 2017 in the showroom of Juhl-Sørensen in Copenhagen NW, where the discussion afterwards indicated interest in and understanding of Bataille’s universe

Concept og performer: Eja Due
Concept og pianist: Eriko Makimura
Dramaturgical consultant: Gritt Uldall- Jessen
Philosofical consultant: Asger Sørensen



“She is lying on the floor, writing. She is wearing a beautiful, creme-coloured shirt and a black pleated skirt. She is young, beautiful and thoughtful. What she is writing on the floor, is quotations from the french philosopher and author Georges Bataille. Prior to this the performer Eja Due has asked her audience, if they have read anything by Bataille. Since no-one answers, Eja begins telling about her relationship to his writing. She has been preoccupied with Bataille for many years and has read several of his works many times. She is accompanied by the pianist Eriko Makimura”


Mette Garfield, Theatre 1.